SlimCleaner Plus

SlimCleaner Plus 4.3

Clean out junk files and improve the system performance

Delete junk files and temporary folders from the system, clean up the registry and activity history, remove unwanted programs from startup queue. The program prevents restoring deleted data, permanently erases browsing history and addons, and has a Defragger tool.

Computer maintenance and periodic clean-up is one of those tasks that we tend to neglect and forget until we realize how little free disk space we have left. SlimCleaner Plus is one of those maintenance tools we all should have installed on our PC and, most importantly, use at regular intervals. This program can remove all junk files, duplicate files, and unnecessary large files and help us manage our Windows startup and installed programs.

The program is clearly designed with the average home PC user in mind – its simplicity of use and its limited menu options make it suitable for everyone, regardless of their computer skills. Basically, this maintenance tool searches for three main types of files that tend to clog up our disks unnecessarily, i.e., junk files (leftovers from uninstalled programs, temporary files, etc.), duplicate files, and large files. The program provides you with useful data to help you make your decisions, such as the percentage of disk space that each large file is taking up or how much “purgeable” disk space you will regain if you remove the proposed junk files.

Additionally, SlimCleaner Plus comes with a useful Startup Optimizer that displays separately your enabled items and your disabled apps. The program adds recommendations on which of those installed programs can be safely removed from the startup list. Two graphs showing the amount of CPU and RAM usage in real time will help you make informed decisions on this matter. Similarly, the Software Manager lists all the programs installed on your computer and which of them – considered by the program to be harmful or unnecessary – you could do without. You have the option to repair, modify, and uninstall any of them at your own risk.

Given the price tag required to use SlimCleaner Plus without any restrictions, one can’t say that this is a pricey program. However, most if not all of the functionality it offers is available for free in many other similar tools, open source or otherwise. This may make users hesitate to pay a fee – small as it may be – to use a tool that fails to offer additional features not available in its costless competitors.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Locates and displays large files
  • Includes a duplicate files manager
  • Provides a startup optimization utility


  • Offers basic functionality that other similar tools offer for free
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