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Detects and fixes the errors present in the critical areas of your system
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If your system indicates performance problems such as slowness, instability, unresponsiveness, sudden crashes and so on, surely it's time for a system maintenance. To do so, it's very advisable to resource to specialized tools like SlimCleaner Plus, which analyzes all the critical areas of your Windows system, finding all the errors present there and helping you solve them.

SlimCleaner Plus is, in fact, a comprehensive set of maintenance tools designed to repair and optimize your system registry, hard disks, history and file caches, installed software tools, Internet browsers and other areas. Since the program can clear your Internet browsers' history, cookies, caches, download history, stored form data and stored passwords, it not only restores your PC performance but also helps you protect your privacy and personal security. SlimCleaner Plus includes a very practical tool called "One Click Scan", which performs a general analysis and optimization of the most commonly affected areas of your system, though you can configure which of those areas will be optimized and which ones won't. You can also schedule this tool to be executed automatically on a daily or weekly basis.

The program offers you a practical and intuitive user interface where all the provided maintenance tools are classified into categories which, in turn, you can access through tabs. Those tabs are Dashboard, Cleaner, Optimizer, Software, Updates, Browsers, Disk Tools and Windows Tools. While most of them are pretty self-descriptive, a couple of them still require an extra explanation. For example, the "Updates" section connects to SlimWare Cloud, an online service that helps the program determine which of your installed programs require updating and which critical Windows updates are missing. On the other hand, the "Disk Tools" section of the program includes several helpful tools like a disk wiper, a files shredder, a disk defragmenter and a duplicate files finder. Finally, the "Windows Tools" section lets you launch some of the Windows utilities like the Control Panel and the Device Manager, directly from the program's interface.

As a conclusion, we all should periodically execute a specialized maintenance and optimization tool like SlimCleaner Plus in our systems to keep them in a good shape, preserve their high performance levels and protect our privacy. However, many of the tools this program provides are mostly suitable for system administrators and advanced users.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Helps you repair/optimize all the critical areas of your system
  • Allows you to schedule automatic maintenance tasks
  • Includes a practical "One Click Scan" utility
  • Helps you protect your privacy and personal security


  • Many of the tools it provides are mostly suitable for advanced users
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