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It offers a comprehensive set of maintenance tools for your Windows system
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SlimCleaner Plus is a system maintenance and optimization tool that finds and corrects many kinds of problems that may be present on the critical areas of your system. Those problems usually affect your system's performance noticeably and, what is worst, they may compromise your privacy and security. Fortunately, you count on tools like SlimCleaner Plus, which helps you solve those issues.

The program offers you a myriad of functions and options to optimize your system, all of them organized into several sections that you can access through a tabbed interface. The best way to start using SlimCleaner Plus is probably the "One Click Scan" tool, which is available in the Dashboard section. This tool performs an overall scan of your system and presents you a report of its general status and the number of errors found in each critical area. Then you can solve all the detected errors at once by simply clicking on a button. Anyway, you can always analyze each area separately through the rest of the sections the program puts at your disposal: Cleaner, Optimizer, Software, Updates, Browsers, Disk Tools and Windows Tools. Besides, the program also lets you schedule multiple optimization and cleaning tasks to be performed on your system automatically.

Most of the sections, in turn, offer you several optimization options each. For example, within the Cleaner section you can analyze areas such as Windows, Applications, Browsers, Advanced and Registry. The Optimizer section allows you to enable or disable the programs and services that automatically startup when Windows boots. Software and Updates sections both deal with the programs installed on your computer. The Software section shows you a list of the installed programs and allows you to uninstall any of them, while the Updates section helps you identify the programs that should be updated and the missing Windows updates. The next section is Browsers and it basically allows you to enable or disable the extensions, add-ons and plugins of all the major web browsers installed on your system, and set their home pages and search providers. The Disk Tools section offers you several disk optimization tools such as disk wiper, a files and folders shredder, a disk defragmentation tool and a duplicate files finder. Finally, the Windows Tools section offers you shortcuts to 15 MS Windows utilities such as the Control Panel, the Device Manager and the Performance Monitor.

As you can see, SlimCleaner Plus offers you a very comprehensive set of maintenance and optimization tools for your Windows system. Unfortunately, some of the errors the program detects cannot be repaired until you buy a license and register it. For example, for the registry cleaner tool, you can evaluate how effective the program is at detecting errors, but not how effective it is at fixing them.

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  • Offers you a very comprehensive set of maintenance tools
  • Allows you to schedule automatic maintenance tasks
  • Includes a "One Click Scan" utility
  • Helps you protect your privacy and sensitive information


  • You cannot evaluate how effective the program is at repairing some of the detected errors
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